We are on the ‘Preferred Vendors’ list of DJs for Tivoli Terrace, Tivoli Too! and the Hacienda, and have been for many years, which means we are experts in knowing the venues, and orchestrating all the formalities as a team with the coordinators, who are by the way just FABULOUS, and THE BEST to work with!! By working as a team it allows your event to run seamlessly.
We have known June Neptune, the owner of the venues, for many years, and have a great personal, and business relationship with her. She is an AMAZING woman who has built her empire with hard work and determination, because she truly cares. She is loved very much by her staff, and through out the community …….. as well as by us!!!
They offer great deals throughout the year, with a variety of venue options, and are just about all inclusive, other than a few vendors to give you choice.

Having your event at Tivoli Terrace, Tivoli Too! or The Hacienda, will ensure a successful event!!